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Be a Maxime Model

How to become a Maxime Model:
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It is important for us that we present our new Plus-size models in a professional manner to our Clients.

Conditions applying to becoming the next new Maxime Model:

• minimum height:  1.74   women and  1.80 men

• minimum size    :  38 women and  54 men

• minimum age     :  18 years old

• If you DO NOT meet these requirements, please do not contact us.

If you DO meet these requirements, send an email to info@maximemodels.nl  Please enclose some photos of your face and full body. Also we need information about your exact dress or suit size and measurements of your bust, waist and hips

Booking models  for the Clients is an important and serious matter for Maxime Models. Our standards are very high and we are counting on your enthousiasm, and professionalism.

If you become a Maxime model, you will be professionally guided  during your photo shoots and/or fashion shows by our professional team of  photographers, stylists and make-up artists.

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© Maxime Models.nl - All Rights Reserved